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Kali. 17. Trinidadian. Wallflower.
I like tea and coffee and books and art and sleep.
This is my hodgepodge. Enjoy :)
 of the undead lurking

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Rien n'est pas réel


i dont wanna spend a single day of my life thinking i don’t look good as hell. what a waste of time. everyday i look amazing. im trapped in this meatsuit for about 80 years and then i die so i’m not gonna hate it for a second. anyone who makes u feel bad about ya body can shove it

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Twitter / mikapo: 起きたし夜撮ったの少し …

Audi R8 V10 Plus


how sweet it is 

to have someone that accepts all of you 


Le Combat du Centaure (1971)

Chia-Chi Yu

Now I really know how to take care of myself, how to be alone, how to deal with stress. If I hadn’t been through that time, I wouldn’t have got there. I never knew I had limits. You make good friends and you make bad friends, and you have to figure it all out. You realize you can’t do everything. I really did think I could do it all – commute back to the UK for Potter filming and press, then go to Brown for finals, and keep up with my friends and family. -Emma Watson for Wonderland Magazine

In your whole life nobody has abused you more than you have abused yourself. And the limit of your self abuse is exactly the limit you will tolerate from someone else. If someone abused you more than you abuse yourself, you probably walk away from that person. But if someone abuses you a little less than you abuse yourself, you will probably stay in that relationship and tolerate it endlessly. — Don Miguel (via thinksquad)


<3 cute <3

"King of Kings" by Karmazid